Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Travian Journal - 26-July-2006

I survived the night raid on me. The attacker had 200 soldiers, but no catapults to destroy anything. And my troops weren't there to be killed, as planned. The raider did get some resources, because I failed to check that he was Teuton, the aggressive race in Travian which gets a bonus against crannies. Guess I'll better build another cranny then. Anyway, he only got a handful of resources, less than what I got by raiding that empty village just to get my troops out of the way.

Now lets see if I can scare him a bit. I sent an attack force consisting of 1 soldier, which will arrive at his place before his raiders are back. I figure he is going to see that he is being attacked, but he doesn't see how many attackers there are, so I hope it worries him a little. Silly kind of revenge. :)

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