Tuesday, July 18, 2006

WoW Journal - 19-July-2006

More experiences with groups full of overexcited kids, I'm starting to wonder whether that is due to me playing during the day on my holidays, when more kids play and the adults are still at work. It seems that "ninjas" are a widespread obsession, although these kids never even experienced a real ninja-looter. Ninja-looting was still possible in Everquest, but with the WoW loot system the only thing you can do is rolling need on something you don't really need.

My priest is now level 38, and I was in a Scarlet Monastery group. A leather pants with +int and +sta dropped, and the druid in the group rolled need on it. As the item was better than what he was wearing, that was totally okay with me. That is what the need button is for. But two of the kids in the group seemed to think that rolling need on *any* green was called ninja-looting, and complained and harassed the druid without end, until the druid left the group and hearthstoned out. I then just left as well, as I was sick and tired of the bickering. Well, at least I got the Illusionary Rod from Doan.

I had several attempts at Scarlet Monastery now, but we always got stuck half-way through, in the armory, before even reaching Herod. Somebody had to leave, or people were fighting over unimportant green loot, really annoying.

Last night I ended up disappointing a group. A group was looking for a healer for Razorfen Downs, and as I hadn't visited that dungeon for a very long time, I signed up. We did the ultra cool skeleton rock concert, killed Glutton, and were half-way up the spiral to the end boss, when suddenly I had a migraine. The headache wasn't so bad, but I started having blind spots, and couldn't really follow the action on the screen any more. So I had to excuse myself and log off in the middle of the dungeon, and go to bed. Terribly sorry, I hate to kill a group like that.

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