Friday, July 21, 2006

WoW Journal - 21-July-2006

My low-level priest has reached level 40 now, with a mix of questing, grinding, and dungeon groups. As my highest Alliance character up to now made it only to level 42, the new priest will soon be my highest Alliance character ever, and be able to do some quests I've never seen before. I'm looking forward to that.

The only negative thing about that priest is that my guild is giving me inferiority complexes. Half of the guild members are already level 60, some since weeks, and they have started raiding Zul'Gurub. With guild chat being forever about raiding or doing high-level instances, I feel as if I'm missing something because I'm "too slow". Silly. In fact I'm not even slow, a run of CensusPlus reveals that at level 40 I'm well ahead of the curve. But the other guild members are mainly kids of less than half my age, and all the time in the world during summer. I'm sticking with them because I would like a guild that does high-level instances and raids when I'm ready. But sometimes I dream about making a guild with the name "Over 25", which invites players only after sending in proof of age over 25. :)

Not many of the level 60 online are real players. During daytime, of the level 60 online up to 65% are hunters, with a Chinese sounding guild name. But to dispell the impression that all gold farmers are Chinese, I recently got a random spam tell about where to buy cheap gold *in French*.

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