Sunday, July 30, 2006

Quitting Travian

My village is still growing, and I just destroyed all the 43 troops of my neighbor again, losing only a third of my troops. But Travian doesn't really hold my interest any more, my options are too limited. There aren't any tactics involved in war, you just send your army out, and the bigger army wins. It is only a matter of time before the bigger army is attacking *me*. Even if I have the largest village in my neighborhood, and grown faster than anybody else there, further away are much stronger players. So I hit the big red self-destruct button, and my village will evaporate in 72 hours. I'll just make sure that nobody can farm any resources from me in the remaining 3 days by building up my cranny level to as much capacity as my warehouses have, and building defensive troops.

The timing is right to quit the game now, I'm on my last week of holidays. My initial impression that Travian can be played by doing moves only twice a day was only true before I had troops. As soon as you can raid, the amount of resources you can gain by raiding depends on how often you raid. If you send out your troops every hour or so, like I was able to do during most of the holidays, you give a huge boost to your economy. And of course being present most of the time is very important for all sorts of warfare. So when I'm back to work, I can only play Travian much less efficient than during the holidays.

Travian was fun for a while, and I don't regret having played it for a month. But in the end it doesn't have enough options and possibilities to hold my interest for much longer than that.

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