Friday, July 28, 2006

Travian Journal - 28-July-2006

Another discovery in Travian: In combat the village with the *smaller* population gets a bonus. I'm still fighting my neighbor, who has received 50 heavy cavalry as reinforcements from some friend. So when I raided him yesterday I lost half of my troops, but killed 16 of the cavalry. Today his cavalry was down to 27, seems I'm not the only one attacking him, but he had built 17 legionnaires as well. So I decided to kill his troops, not only to prevent him from attacking me, but also to prevent him from gathering resources by raiding the same villages I want to raid.

The "combat simulator" indicated that with my 20 legionnaires, 20 praetorians, and 45 imperians, I should be able to kill his 17 legionnaires and 27 heavy cavalry, and still have a good amount of survivors. But I had forgotten to put our village sizes into the combat simulator, and in reality he gets a fat bonus for being only half my size. So the combat ended in mutual annihilation, neither of us has any troops left. Well, I don't mind, being bigger means that I can build troops a lot faster than him. Only if he gets more reinforcements lent to him will he be stronger than me. But 50 heavy cavalry cost a hell of a lot of resources, and I hope that whoever owned those doesn't want to repeat the experience.

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