Monday, July 17, 2006

WoW Journal - 18-July-2006

I'm writing a bit less often in the next 3 weeks, due to being on holiday. But I'm still playing WoW, on the laptop. Due to the laptop being slower, and probably not able to handle big raids, and due to me needing a break from raids, I'm playing only my low level priest during the holidays. So I got him up to level 37 now, and skilled up his mining to 195. The last couple of days I mostly spent killing yeti and ogres in Alterac Mountains, which is a good place if you want to skill up mining at the same time.

But I also joined one group to Razorfen Kraul, to finish the quest for killing the boss there, and it was a somewhat unpleasant, but memorable experience. The mage in that group was a bit overly obsessed with loot. First we found only random greens, and by some statistical fluke the warrior won 6 or 7 greed rolls in a row. As most people don't understand statistics, some group members started accusing the warrior of using a hack, and were hard to convince that such a hack doesn't exist. Then the druid rolled need on a cloth item "for his healing set", and the warlock rolled need on a blue dagger with stamina and spirit bonus, and the mage became very unpleasant, accusing them of ninjaing items they shouldn't roll for. As if you keep anyone from rolling on anything remotely useful in a pickup group.

Then we killed the rare bat in Razorfen Kraul, and she dropped two necklaces, a blue bind on pickup one, and a green bind on equip one. The mage rolled need on both of them, won *both* rolls, and then refused to reroll on the BoE one, which other people in the group could have needed. Talk about ninjaing. I could have lived with that, but he continued to be very unpleasant about loot distribution, constantly saying how he had another level 60 on the server and that he knew better than us n00bs how loot should be distributed. A real asshole. So when the group leader asked me whether it was okay with me if we kicked the mage, I agreed. We continued to kill the end boss, and do the escort quest for the goblin back out, with just 4 people, and it went just fine without that mage. But he continued to harass us with tells and complain in the global Looking For Group channel about us, until I set him to ignore and stopped listening.

Makes you wonder why some people who can't share play a massively multiplayer online game.

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