Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tetris Battle

Hello fans of facebook games. Today happened something to me what has not happened for really very long time. I started to play facebook game, really just to try it and two hours later I realized not only that I'm still playing, but also that I really do not want to stop. That is great sign that we have something to do with one of the best facebook games. What game caused this?
The name of the game is Tetris Battle, so as you can see it is basically Tetris, but it is also battle, so it is not just normal Tetris. It is the best facebook game I have played in 2012 and without a doubt one of the best ever. Playing Tetris against other facebook users is simply great fun.
Classic Tetris is video game originally designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov in the USSR. This game was released really long time ago, exactly it was June 6 of year 1984 while Pajitnov was working in Acadamy of Science. The name Tetris comes from Greek numerical prefix tetra that means four and exactly from four segments are created game pieces. The other half of the word comes from tennis, which was in fact game Pajitnov really liked.
What you probably know about Tetris is that is was the first computer game exported from USSR to United States. Since then Tetris become extremely popular and today we can say it is not just computer game, but really part of pop culture. The biggest success of Tetris is very likely the release from 1989 for Sega Game Boy.
What is really awesome about this version of Tetris is that it is multiplayer and and every game is much bigger fun when played in multiplayer. So in this game you start at level one and your opponent is also level one. If you win you get star, one or two and when you have five stars you go to next level. In level two you play against level two players and so on. That is really good so you should be always playing only against players that are equal to you. When you lose the game you lose also one star, but you can buy armor so you will not lose any star when you lose.
To win the game it is not only about just to have better score, in fact, every time when you destroy one line one line that cannot be destroyed appears in the bottom of your enemy screen. I love this aspect of game. One game lasts 2 minutes and you can even achieve KO, that is when your enemy fails and their tower grows too high so they cannot put in any other pieces.
Well, I have to write here that I have only really played it for two hours and there are even other game modes I have not tried. Even I really just tried it I love it. Tetris as multiplayer is amazing idea and it is great fun. You have to try it.

You can find the game here.

Rating 10/10

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