Saturday, March 3, 2012

Train Station

Its been really long time since I have added here some best facebook game and I'm really sorry for that. It is not because I don't want to add new games, or there is not enough facebook games. The problem is that absolute vast majority of facebook games simply sucks. Today I have for you one game that is not new, but I have found this facebook game just today and I quite like it, then of this game says it all, it is Train Station.
Not surprisingly, in facebook game Train Station you are building Train Station. Well, it is not classic building strategy, this game is more about trains than about train station what is I think is really great.
One of the best games ever is without any doubt Transport Tycoon I will probably always remember whole days and nights spend with this game back in 1995 on my old PC 386SX. Since then I really like games with trains, so when I have seen game with name Train Station o facebook I of course had to try it.
So in Train Station you are building your train station and just whole city around your train station, but that is not so important. the important part of this game are trains. there are two basic types of trains in this game, passenger trains for passengers and mail and cargo trains for transporting stuff. Mail is gathered at your station and then with mail wagon you transport it to other destinations to make money. It is the same with passengers. The bigger your train station is, more passengers there will be waiting for train, more money you can make. If you want to have lot of passengers at your station you need to build lot of buildings. that is pretty simple. When you station runs out of passengers and mail, you can not dispatch the train.
What I think is the most fun part of this game is building trains. You start this game with really super old simple steam locomotives and old wagons and as you progress in the game you can buy and build better and better trains with diesel locomotives, then electric locomotives and then even very cool maglev trains. There are many kinds of wagons that can transport lot of different stuff from passengers, mails, lumber, pigs to nuclear material.
These cargo trains you use quite different than those with passengers and mail. You have to send such cargo train to loading docks, then you load them with cargo and they deliver this material to your station. These material you can then use to build more buildings, upgrade your station or you can also sell them so you will have gold to build better trains or so.
You can send your trains to destinations far as much as over the world, but then you will have to wait for even whole week until they arrive. Dispatching trains gives you experience. Experience gives you higher level and in higher level you can buy more modern trains and build better buildings. Same concept like in many other games.
Well, that is pretty much all about Train Station, it is quite simple game, but also good fun and addictive as many other facebook games.
It is one of the best facebook games I have played lately, because I really like trains. Well, I think you will also like this game even if you are not obsessed with trains. This time for the first time on this blog, I will make tw different ratings :). have fun and come back soon for more best facebook games.
Rating if you don't love trains 7/10
If you do: 9/10

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