Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Atomic Strike

How many real time strategies (RTS) are there on facebook? Well, I didn't know about even one RTS on facebook until now. I thought that in the game engines like Flash they use on facebook for games it would be really very hard to make such games as RTS, but in this game you can see it is possible. It makes it instantly one of top facebook games, because it really could be the very first RTS on facebook.

What this game is all about? Atomic Strike is game about war, you build your base, your army and you have to fight with that army and you also have to defend your base against other armies and nucelar strikes.
Let's start with the visual side of the game. Well, graphics of this game is really awesome and one of the best I have seen so far. This game has also really great sounds and voices and sometimes you really feel like you are playing some "normal" game and not game on facebook. Everything looks simply very good, unfortunately that is really not all the game needs to become one of the top facebook games.
So in this game Atomic Strike you have to collect resources, you are also upgrading your home base like in many other facebook games. With upgrading your base you have better army and so. This part is really not very complicated.

What is also very good about this facebook game is that you have also there some quests and this game has some story, what is I think something that always helps to make game better I have to say that it is something I like and I think most of players do.

What I really don't like about this game is controlling your army during fights. I don't know why, but it has been really very hard to and I had some serous problems doing that. There is very good and comprehensive tutorial, so I would suggest don't skip it.

I still think that even I didn't like it so much, this game could have many and many fans, because it really looks excelent and if you learn properly how to control this game during missions, you gonna like it and this game will be one of the top facebook games very soon.

Rating 8/10

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