Thursday, June 23, 2011

Useful or useless - What would you buy?

Imagine a Free2Play game with an item shop that offered both purely decorative items, and items which gave you some sort of advantage in game, without being an "I win" button. So on the one side you'd have clothing, decorative items for houses, and sparkly special effects. On the other side you have mounts, added inventory space, temporary xp bonuses, and the like. Which one would you rather buy?

I have the distinct impression that previous discussions on the subject were influenced by the contribution of people who actually wouldn't buy anything. It is kind of logical that people who don't want to spend money do not want the others to have ANY advantage from spending money, and would like item sales limited to useless fluff. But how about those who actually do spend money in games with item shops? Do you prefer decorative fluff, or will you only spend money if there is actually an advantage for you in it?

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