Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Best facebook games for May 2011

Ok here is something I would like to tell. I don't like when someone writes about best facebook games and uses only data from tables where you can see how many people plays the game. Well I still want to inform all you readers of this blog which games are now those most played. Just remember that these games really are not the best, because lot of games that lot of people on facebook playes are not best, they are even often quite poor and those games that should belong there are really are the best facebook games are not there. It sucks but it simply fact. Let's take a look at the table.
The winner for May 2011 is no surprise, it is CityVille with almost 90 millions players, that is really good number. On the second place you can find former king of Facebook games FarmVille with 46 million players. The third place is also no surprise, because on the third place of the best facebook games according to number of players you can find Texas HoldEm Poker. HoldEm is extremely popular game for at least five years now all over the world so it is just natural that this kind of poker game is also popular on facebook.
What is really also very interesting is that some games that were very very popular in the past are losing lot of players. For example Mafia Wars is losing 162 thousand players every day. That is really not very good, but it is very old game and also too simple, so I'm not surprised that people don't like so much now as they used to.

Now we will take a look on games that has some really very significant gains. These games are Gourment Ranch, Diamond Dash, Car Town and Monster Galaxy, if you don't know these games yet, maybe is time to try 'em.

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