Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gardens of time

Yes yes, best facebook games are here again with another game that is at least worth a try. There are so many games on facebook released almost every day, but the truth is that there is surprisingly low amount of games on facebook that really has some value and are worth playing. I think that today I have found another game you should at least try. The name of this game is Gardens of Time and it is game for everyone who likes visual quizes, especially hiden object games. I think that for all fans of hidden object games it will be really the ultimate game of facebook. Yes I have played games on facebook that are better than Gardens of Time, but there really probably is not any other hidden object game better than this one.

Ok let's take a look on what Gardens of time are really about.
Gardens of Time is game with really gorgeous visual, but that is definetely not all. There are games based on quality of graphics, but Gardens of Time has something more.
This game is divided to chapters and in every chapter you have some tasks in different scenes where you have to find hidden objects. Just classic hidden object game. You don't have usually any time limits, but of course the faster you are the more points you get. It is as simple as that.
This game also has story and it is about traveling in time. You are also building your garden and decorate it with famous objects from history and so with money you earn from collecting items. What is bad on this game is that you havwe to play the same scenes again and again, but the truth is that it is really one of the best facebook games with hidden objects.

Rating: 8/10

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