Friday, June 10, 2011

The Sims on facebook

It took very long time, but now it looks that one of the best games ever and definetely one of the most successful games ever is heading to facebook now. Do you know what I really find strange about this? Why the hell now? Game like Sims should have been on facebook so long time before. It is absolutely PERFECT game for facebook, because it is social game and it always was. This game was made for facebook years and years before facebook even started. I think that some people who runs these big game companies are really true idiots. Such game as Sims should have been on facebook back in 2009 and it could have made that company huge money.
So it is just two days since EA announced that Sims will be on facebook. This game will have name the Sims Social. The Sims is game that sold more than 140 units worldwide so it has huge fan base and that is very good start for any facebook game. EA also announced that they will release app for mobile phones with Sims.

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