Thursday, June 30, 2011

Google+ lacks backward compatibility

So Google launched their Google+ social network in invite-only testing mode this week. And I got an invite from a fellow blogger. Only problem is that when I try to start Google+ on my work computer, I'm being told that my browser isn't supported. While I would agree with Google that the Internet Explorer 7 my company is using might not be the best choice, I don't actually have a say in that matter. If you are on a computer that doesn't belong to you, be that at work or in an internet café, you don't have total control over what browser you can use.

Thus right now I'm not impressed with Google+. One important feature of social networks is that they must be accessible from anywhere. Lacking backward compatibility with Internet Explorer is already a bad sign. And if the application is so picky, then how will it run on other platforms like iPads, tablet PCs, or non-Android smartphones?

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