Thursday, June 23, 2011

Zombie Lane

Hi, this is another game from Digital Chocolate, that is really funny and belongs among the top facebook games of 2011. It is really strange how many facebook games are very similar. I always think why there are no more lawsuits about this. If there was movies so similar like some facebook games are, I'm sure there would be many and many lawsuits about this. do you remember those aquarium facebook games people used to play about two years ago? These games was really amost the same and there are much more such games.
The game I have for you today is also very similar to some other game, but this time it is not just copy, it is much more like parody.
I'm sure that you remember facebook game FrontierVille. Well, this game Zombie Lane has really very similar concept and similar story, except..ehm.. instead chopping trees you are killing zombies in this game and it very refreshing after all those stupid games on facebook that looks like they were designed just for 5 year old kids.
So in this game you have your house on the normal suburban street. Well, there is something really very very strange about this street. Instead of nice neighboors, there are almost only zombies on the streets and yes, all these zombies wants one thing, they want to eat your delicous brain. Because most of people like their brains inside their skulls and not in digestive system of zombies you have to defend yourself. You can choose from many weapons. You start with shovel, shotgun, then you can get SMGs or even craft some crazy weapons that kills "special" zombies.

Well it is not only about killing, in this comedy style facebook game you have also to build (in this case more repair your house), you can also farm in this game and of course you have to do lot of funny quests. I really like this game, because it is not only funny, but also somehow survival game which I have always loved.

In this game every action consumes energy, zombie killing, reboulding your house.. simply everything. You get one energy point every five minutes or from food or you can buy it..I'm sure you will know if you ever played FrontierVille.

You really have to try this game, because it is great fun and it is one of the best facebook games I have ever played.

Rating 9/10

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