Monday, June 27, 2011

Empires and Allies, new top game from Zynga

I've been checking some tabs yesterday with numbers where you can see which games on facebook gains highest numbers of new players. It is not the best tool how to find best facebook games, but it is one you can use while searching for new facebook games. I have found in this tab that there is new game that is gaining huge numbers of new players, the name of this game is Empires and Allies.

Empires and Allies is game from Zynga and that means that this game will really not be revolution of games on facebook, because Zynga is really not company that makes revolutionary games, but they makes them really perfect from the technical side. I think that reason why Zynga created this game is quite simple, soon there will be Civilization on facebook and Zynga does not want to lose their players to such popular game and that is the reason why they created this game that is similar to Civilization in some ways.

Well, I have to say that even this game is no revolution and that I don't like Zynga games too much because these games are too simply and stupid, I like this game because it least it is not only about building and visiting friends, you can finally also fight in this game and attack your friends, that is and always will be much bigger fun that just stupid visiting and helping with farm.

In this game you start with small island and few buildings and everything you want is to have really big empire. Well, that is not going to be easy. If you want to have big empire, as every time in human history, you need to have big army. If you want to have big army, you need to have lot of citizens and powerful industry. This part of game is very similar to CityVille, you just build your island and build strong army in your barracks, plant crops in your farms, build houses for citizens and other military buildings.

Now when you are on some higher level, you have some army and some friends, it is good time to start the real fun. Now you can invade your friends and it is really much better than helping them, because you can this way get every day money from them if your invasion is successful.

In this game there of course as usually in Zynga games different tasks and quests and also story. Story is avbout Dark Alliance that in the beginning tries to invade your island, you have to find why, you have to find who is the Dark alliance and you have to defend thme with help of your friends.

This game is good fun, but problem is that it is still too similar to other Zynga games. Well, it is still now one of the best facebook games.

Rating 8/10

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